Please Drive Safely
Please Drive Safely

DRIVING RULES:   The Resort Speed Limit is 5.5 mph and the street is always a One-Way Street from Miramar Beach Drive to an exit on Geronimo Street. Please park your vehicle on your site and off the street. Do Not block street traffic. ALSO- Please DO NOT park on vacant sites….as there may be an arrival coming. Watch for Children playing.

PARKING:  Your site will accommodate your RV and one vehicle.  We do not have overflow parking for extra trailers or extra vehicles.

CHECK-IN RULES:RV-Site Check-in is 1:00 PM and Condo is 3:00 PM. Check-out for RV site is 12:00 noon and for Condo is 10:00 AM. Please let the office know of late arrivals.  Late check out must be approved by the Destin RV Beach Resort manager. No more than 6 occupants per site are allowed.  No rentals will be made to singles or students under the age of 25. Please notify the office of any overnight guests. Guest vehicles must have a parking permit from the Office. 

SITE RULES: No campfires or tents are allowed. Grills and fire-pits must be UL approved and may only be used on the cemented areas of your patio or the picnic tables. Keep your site neat and presentable. Do not hang laundry/towels or swim-wear on clothes lines or within view of the our drive way. Do not use trees or bushes on your site to hang wet clothing and towels. Do not use trees or bushes of hang hammocks. Refuse must be carried to the dumpster outside of the Exit Gate. (NOTE: Do Not Stack refuse outside the bins….if they are full, hold the trash on your site until they are emptied.)

THE BASICS:.   Smoking is not permitted in the building or on the pool deck (FLORIDA LAW).  Quiet time is between 10 PM and 9 AM. Please clean up when using the guest room or other Resort facilities. Guests may reserve the guest room for evenings on a first come basis through the Office. Laundry coins may be purchased in the Office. Ice is also available for purchase.

 pool rulesPOOL RULES: Everyone must shower before entering the pool. Children under 14 must be supervised by an adult. No food, or drinks in glass containers are allowed in the pool area. NO DIVING IS ALLOWED. Children in diapers are not allowed. Swim Diapers only. Please abide by all posted Pool Rules and State Regulations. The Pool is heated, but may be shut off during extreme cold weather (rare of course!) Appropriate pool attire is to be worn at all times. No over sized pool toys allowed.

PET RULES:  Maximum of 2 pets per site.  Small pets are allowed provided; they are leashed when outside. No exceptions! Pet waste must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly. Pets must never be left unattended in outside pen areas or indoors if they are “barkers”. Pets are not allowed in the buildings or Pool area.

CONDO RULES: Maximum occupancy; DRV37-6 and DRV38-2. No rentals will be made to singles or students under the age of 25. Both Units are “NO SMOKING IN THE UNIT OR ON THE BALCONY”. Daily maid service is not provided. Units are furnished, including linens and towels. Please do not hang laundry or towels on the balcony railings. A coin laundry is available in the Rental building. Guests will be held responsible for theft or damages to their Unit during their stay.

Rules and regulations may change without notice.  The Owners and Management of Destin RV Beach Resort absolve themselves from all liability regarding loss by fire, theft, property damage, accident or other causes. Keep doors, compartments and windows locked and be sure to report suspicious behavior or individual; call 911! Refunds will not be granted for early departures from RV sites or Condo’s (Exception: Official evacuation order by the County.)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Your compliance will be appreciated and will help everyone to enjoy their stay at Destin RV Beach Resort!