Untrue Reviews on RVParkReview Web site

Unfortunate that someone lied about our resort to justify the fact that he was given a verbal &

later a written warning to either change his bad behavior or vacate . This person was a return

Winter guest who spent his days gossiping & hanging out in our office harassing our female

staff member as well as other guests. His bad behavior crossed the line & our Manager privately

talked to him; however within a few weeks his true personality re-surfaced. At that point having

documented the incident;the guest was given a written warning. He was not asked to leave. He

chose to leave. We knew that his boredom would eventually give him reason to possibly write

untrue reviews . We do not apologize for having high standards and codes of conduct for our

employees as well as our guests. Nor will be tolerate anyone maliciously sabotaging our resort

with blatant lies. Everyone who camps knows that there is a plethora of situations that can arise

but to blow events totally out of proportion and to lie about conditions of our resort or about

us allowing “nude sunbathing” for instance….is unacceptable. Frankly we are glad that he moved

on and we urge anyone who is considering a vacation at Destin RV Beach Resort to read all of the

Trip Adviser Reviews or to contact us personally.