With its white sandy shores and clear blue waters, Destin Florida is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Every year vacationers come from all over the world to see the sights and experience the beauty of Destin. However, while staying in Destin you may want to experience more than just the ocean waves. Thankfully, the beach isn’t the only thing Destin is known for. Every year countless events and festivals are hosted in and around the city that offer the chance to enjoy the local culture. If you are interested in this type of thing, then look no further! We have compiled a list of our top five options of festivals and events in Destin.

1. Destin Fishing Rodeo 

One of the most unique events in Destin is the Destin Fishing Rodeo. Since 1948 this festival has been reminding natives about the kind of town that Destin used to be. Fishermen bring in their catches and compete for the heaviest and longest fish. It's not only locals that can participate though. If you are interested in trying your hand at a fishing rodeo you can rent a boat or join a crew for the day in order to have the complete Destin experience.

2. Paddle At The Park

If you have ever had the opportunity to enjoy paddleboarding you are going to love this event! Every year hundreds of paddle boarders gather on Okaloosa Island to race their boards up and down on the crystal clear water. Spectators watching from the shore can enjoy live music, games and food as well as the warm sun on their backs and the ocean in front of them. 

3. Destin Seafood Festival 

The Destin Seafood Festival serves as the kickoff event for our very own Destin Fishing Rodeo. While the rodeo is a month-long endeavor, the Seafood Festival is a one night only event. Come enjoy musical acts from all over the country as well as all sorts of artistic pursuits like jewelry, sculptures and garments. While there is much fun to be had at the festival the best part is the food. Don’t miss out on the best seafood in the south when you visit the Destin Seafood Festival.

4. Blues, Brews, & BBQ Festival

When in the South what better event to enjoy than the Blues, Brews, & BBQ Festival? This occasion is a sensational event for your taste buds as local restaurants compete for the winning spot in the festival. Witness as they compete in categories like ‘Best Traditional BBQ,’ ‘Best Seafood BBQ,’ and ‘Most Original BBQ.’ As you watch, enjoy craft beers and classic blues music that soothes your soul.

5. Sealight Festival 

We saved one of the best for last with this event! The Sealight Festival is filled with sparkling lights and glowing art. Formed with Chinese silk cloth and steel wires, these massive constructions reach for the night sky as visitors explore the countless creations made by artists from around the world. From life sized palaces to woodland animals you will find all sorts of lantern-like creations that will leave you in awe.