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Destin, Florida is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. So this year when you are planning out your vacation, here is a helpful tip to keep in mind. After a long day at the beach, the last thing you want is to cook dinner or go through the long process of finding a restaurant and driving all the way across town. But never fear! For those staying with Destin RV Beach Resort, we have the perfect solution. We gathered a list of the best dining options all within golf carting distance of the resort so that after a long day you won’t have to even think about dinner.

1. Camille’s

Welcome to Camille’s in Destin, Florida. This cafe and restaurant serves everything from sandwiches to sushi and you will not be disappointed. Vetted by Destin natives, this delicious restaurant is made even more convenient by the fact that it is close enough to the resort to be able to golf cart to it!

2. Henderson Park Inn

Another incredible dining experience is Henderson Park Inn. With a cantina and a beach walk cafe, this beautiful date night restaurant features a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that is sure to make your night out all the more special. 

3. Royal Palm Grille

When you visit the beach what better food to try than sushi? Royal Palm Grille is one of the best sushi spots in town and with its wide variety, there is sure to be a roll you haven’t tried before. If sushi isn’t your go to though, don’t worry! Their steak and other seafood will not disappoint.

4. Captain Dave’s

Right on the water, Captain Dave’s is yet another to-die-for seafood spot. A full-service bar and a view that can’t be beat are just two of the highlights of Captain Dave’s. When you are craving some good seafood but don’t want to travel far, just hop in your golf cart and drive over!

5. Kenny D’s

Calling all fans of Cajun-style food! With live music, karaoke nights, and the best Cajun food in Destin, Kenny D’s is another bucket list restaurant for your vacation list. Its variety of menu items will add a flavorful aspect to your trip and leave you wanting more.

6. Austin’s Oyster Bar

Home of the 102-foot bar, Austin’s Oyster Bar is a classic in Destin. With a wonderful array of everything from fried fish to mac ‘n cheese and of course, oysters, we highly recommend this restaurant as you tour around the Destin area.

7. Acme Oyster House

Last but certainly not least on our list is another oyster spot, because when at the beach, you have to give oysters a try. Acme Oyster House is famous for its relaxing food and fresh fish. When visiting Destin, don’t mark this restaurant off of your calendar.


Visiting Destin, Florida is an amazing experience. There is much to do and see. When you are tired from a long day at the beach, you will want an easy yet delicious place to dine. Hopefully, these options will help as you just hop in your golf cart to access these landmark restaurants from your place at Destin RV Beach Resort.