Have you ever been to the beach in the evening to watch the sunset? It’s one of the most exquisite things a person can see. A picturesque beach sunset can be relaxing, romantic, or a beautiful backdrop for beach games with friends. But how can you make this experience even better? Starting a bonfire with music to set the vibe, and maybe some food makes for the perfect night on the sand.

The Easiest Way To Enjoy!

In Destin, Florida, Red Fish Rentals has already thought of this and prepared a package for their customers to enjoy. Created for nine people, they include a fire pit with an attendant, tiki torches, a Bluetooth speaker, and a table for snacks and drinks. They adjust to your schedule and even help you obtain the required burn permit for the area.

Just Lean Back And Relax

This is a unique and easy way to experience your evenings in Destin, and a great chance to unwind after a long day. While relaxing by the fire and laughing with friends, you can listen to the waves and nighttime noises of wildlife in Florida. This ambiance of the beach at night is a time-old way to spend your vacation and you do not want to miss out on it!

Are You A Music Fan?

One of the best activities to do while sitting around a bonfire is listening to your favorite music. An even better option is for those who play an instrument to serenade the circle and have everyone sing along. This is a fun way to spend time with a group of friends or your whole family. Music brings people together and sitting around a bonfire while listening to the waves, watching the sunset, and singing with one another is a beautiful opportunity to experience this.

Beach Games By The Firelight

Picking out a single game for a group can be a challenge. Choosing just one game that can be played by firelight is harder. Despite this, there are still some options that everyone can enjoy and still be played after the sun sets. Spikeball has become a beachgoer favorite and as long as you avoid hitting the ball too near the fire pit, it is one you can play in the firelight. Hacky Sack is another option for those who want to get some energy out. Once again, you have to avoid kicking it too far, but it enables you to stay close to the light and not run too far away. Lastly, a quick game of volleyball is always a beach favorite and one where almost everyone already knows the rules.

A Bucket List Activity

Between beach games, music, and sunsets there are plenty of things to do while you sit and enjoy a beach bonfire. The most important activity though, is to enjoy the people you are with. Good conversations happen while you sit around a fire and enjoy the people you are with. Red Fish Rentals provides a beautiful experience with those you love by providing everything you need so you don’t have to worry. So when you are planning your next beach vacation, consider adding a beach bonfire to your bucket list.

Best Place to Stay

If you are looking for a condo to relax in, Destin RV Beach Resort offers comfortable accommodations and an easy stroll to the beach. There are also plenty of RV sites to park your camper if you are searching for an easy drive-in location. With private beach access, heated swimming pools, gated security, and a beautiful tropical landscape, this resort is the perfect place to come back to after a long day on the water.