Visiting Destin, Florida can be a time filled with wonderful, lasting memories and plenty of sunny adventures. If you are searching for various activities to try while at the beach, look no further! Deep sea fishing is always a great option for you and your loved ones to try. Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or a first timer looking to test the water, this could be your new favorite tradition in Destin.

1. Badlands Charter

First on our list of charter companies is Badlands Charter. As a winner of the Travelers Choice Award in 2023, this fishing experience will be one you can’t forget. You will be close enough to view the beautiful shoreline, but far enough away to haul in enough fish for dinner. If fishing isn’t your thing though, never fear. Badlands Charter also offers sightseeing tours to explore the coast of Destin.

2. Destin Princess and Destiny

Another Traveler’s Choice Award winner, Destin Princess and Destiny, offers great deals and plenty of options for everyone. Choose between four to six hour tours and enjoy your time exploring the ocean and Destin’s coast while enjoying your group as well. The two boats employed by the company, the Destin Princess and Destiny are a 65′ catamaran and 72′ sport fisherman respectively. Come enjoy your time aboard these beautiful vessels!

3. Green Beret Charters

Welcome to Green Beret Charters! This deep sea fishing company offers not only the opportunity to enjoy the open water but also the chance to sightsee or have a day out with your girls for a Bachelorette party. Explore all of the options of things to do while out on a boat and enjoy the fresh sea breeze on your vacation!

4. Silver King Charters Of Destin

Last but not least on our list is Silver King Charters Of Destin. This company offers affordable deep sea fishing but also the chance to sightsee and sail among dolphins while you are on your trip. This is the perfect opportunity to explore and visit Destin’s waters while experiencing something new for the first time or something familiar in a whole new place. Either way, come spend time out on the water with Silver King Charters Of Destin.

While you visit Destin and explore your options for deep sea fishing, don’t forget to find a comfortable place to stay as well. Destin RV Beach Resort is the perfect place to stay whether you are driving your RV or looking for a cozy condo to enjoy. The beach is meant to be a fun and relaxing place so stay with Destin RV Beach Resort and truly rest.