Splashing waves and aquatic encounters await you at the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. This marine park is one of the best places to learn about all sorts of fish and sea creatures. From sea lions to penguins you will have the chance to visit with all kinds of marine life and along with your loved ones you will make memories that you’ll never forget.

1. Reptile Safari

There are a wide variety of aquatic animals that are all housed at Gularium. Some of these belong to the Reptile Safari, one of the most fun and engaging parts of the park. With creatures like snakes, tortoises and turtles you are in for a hands-on learning experience. This is a great activity for kids and adults alike and will have everyone interested and asking questions about life under the sea.

2. Animal Encounters

From alligators to stingrays there are many different types of animals to meet and learn about. You will have the opportunity to enjoy all of them and see the various kinds of creatures that call Gulfarium home. Have a meet and greet with the dolphins and manatees while you introduce your kids to the magic of aquarium life.

3. Play With Dolphins

At Gulfarium, you will have the chance to play with dolphins from the edge of a pool and be able to see these beautiful animals up close. These creatures are known for their curious and fun-loving natures and are one of the sweetest animals to get to know. Meeting a dolphin is an experience that everyone should have and the Gulfarium is the perfect spot to try it.

4. Conservation Efforts

Not only is this marine park filled with incredible sea creatures and adventures but it also supports numerous conservation efforts. With their C.A.R.E. center the Gulfarium is able to conserve, act, rehabilitate and educate with the purpose of supporting all sorts of sea animals. They even have a way for patrons to help! Click here if you are interested.

5. Drive-In Eatery

After such a busy day meeting these sea creatures, you might feel a bit hungry, but don’t worry! This marine park has a delicious Drive-In Eatery that provides refreshments ranging from burgers and sandwiches to snacks and alcoholic beverages. Stopping in here is a great way to refuel and refresh to prepare for even more adventures and exploration.

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