Rock Players on a Stage

Join Us For A Night Out

When you are visiting the beach sometimes you need an escape from the waves. Club LA in Destin, Florida is a perfect place for a night on the town after a long day at the beach. With classic rock n’ roll and the opportunity to bring back memories, Club LA will be a highlight of your trip. 

Rock Out At A Concert

The club’s lineup changes by the day, but each concert is just as good as the last. Bands like Nirvana and The Wallflowers perform on Club LA’s stage, along with other bands paying tribute to the classic artists of the 70s and 80s such as Def Leppard, Metallica, Jimmy Buffett, Pink Floyd and more. The club is a great way to relive your childhood and maybe introduce your kids to some of the best rock n’ roll sounds of the day. However, this venue is not just about music. The goal is to carry on the legacy of rock, but Club LA also introduces acts like comedians and others to its stage. If you are looking for a good time, there is something for everyone at Club LA. Check out their calendar here!

Hurricane Lanes

If not everyone is in the mood for a rock concert, don’t worry! Attached to Club LA is Hurricane Lanes. This bowling alley is a favorite of locals and is a great place to hang out before or after your concert. Whether you are an open bowler or a member of a league, Hurricane Lanes is the perfect place to enjoy some time away with friends. 

Places To Stay

Now that you are looking forward to your trip to Destin, Florida, and want to book a place to stay, search no further!  Destin RV Beach Resort is a great place to rent a condo, park your RV and enjoy your time at the beach. Located in a gated community with private beach access, this resort should be number one on your list.